AJN Lightweight Wall Panels

AJN's Eco-Friendly Lightweight Wall Panel

AJN lightweight energy-saving panels are manufactured from EPS (Expanded polystyrene and gases), fly ash and additives. The products range in 10 panels varying in size, structural integrity and thickness. The variations allow for flexibility in the use of the panel depending on the specific location in the building where the product is required. The panels are skinned with fireproof calcium silicate skin.

  • Typical dimensions of a panel are 610mm wide * 2270mm high
  • Typical thicknesses are 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm
  • Density of Panel = 650kg/m3
  • Concrete compressive strength minimum 5MPa
AJN Lightweight Wall Panel
AJN Lightweight Wall Panel
AJN Lightweight Wall Panel
AJN Lightweight Wall Panel

Product Features

AJN Wall Benifits

Behaviour in Fire

The face panel of AJN energy-saving boards on both sides are 4.5mm silicate calcium fireproof boards and the main material is a mixture of cement sand, fly ash and so on. AJN energy-saving boards have a fireproof of 4 hours against a high temperature of 1000℃ and incombustibility standards achieve national level A. Besides, these materials give out no toxic gas and perfectly meet the international environmental protection criterion. The tests also prove that water containers can be made by using an AJN panel with no need for plastering and the containers have no leakage at all.

Behaviour in Fire

Thermal Performance

When compared with the standard brick house, maximum summer temperatures in AJN dwellings will be up to 8℃ warmer when no ceilings are installed, up to 1℃ warmer with ceiling installed and up to 2℃ cooler when 40mm glass wool or similar, insulated ceiling are installed.

Water penetration & rising damp

AJN Building System buildings meet Canadian criteria for resistance to water penetration and rising damp throughout Canada.

Water penetration & rising damp


Ceilings must be fitted to AJN dwellings in the project. Condensation is generally a problem in some areas. The assessment of this aspect of performance only applies to dwellings in these areas.

Acoustic performance

Performance criteria for sound attenuation between adjacent rooms and between adjacent dwellings have been met. See also GB/T 19889.3-2005 Acoustical properties of buildings. On testing, it was found that the insulation used to retain the energy simultaneously resulted in a superior sound insulation of 45db(decibels) against a conventional house that has sound insulation of 32.8db.

Acoustic performance


Given regular and adequate maintenance, the durability of the AJN Building System building will be similar to that of a conventionally constructed building.


Quality Management System

Properly applied, it will ensure that quality of erection of buildings will be consistently AJN’s quality management system complies with Canadian requirements maintained. See also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality management systems requirements.

Quality Management System - Accredition

Product Technical Details

Appearance Quality & Dimensions Variationd1=0d1=0d1=0d1=0
Surface Density56.3kg/m273.2kg/m292.4kg/m2120kg/m2
Anti- pressure Strength5.5MPa8.2Mpa3.6Mpa4.2Mpa
Moisture Rate3.60%4.40%3.70%3.70%
Soften Coefficient0.80.8510.81
Anti- bending damage load3times(No Damage)3times(No Damage)3times(No Damage)3times(No Damage)
Anti- Impact performanceNo cross crackNo cross crackNo cross crackNo cross crack
Single Point hanging strengthNo break and cross crackNo break and cross crackNo break and cross crackNo break and cross crack
Fireproof Limit4 Hours4 Hours4 Hours4 Hours
Heat Transfer0.1478W/(m.k)0.1478W/(m.k)0.1478W/(m.k)0.1478W/(m.k)
Drying Shrinkage Value0.
Radioactivity- Internal Exposure Index0.10.100
Radioactivity-external Exposure Index0.

Prefabricated Building Wall

Prefabricated construction refers to the use of prefabricated components in the construction site. With the development of modern industrial technology, we can build houses like machines, a batch of complete sets of manufacturing. As long as there are prefabricated building components, the site can be assembled.

Prefabricated in the factory, the prefabricated construction, wall body has the good performance of heat preservation and heat insulation, waterproof, fire prevention, sound insulation, etc. To fulfill the requirements of national standards.

Construction Site

Prefabricated Building Wall - 1
Prefabricated Building Wall - 2

Steel Structure Building Wall

Steel structure building a new kind of building system can connect the real estate, construction, metallurgical industry boundaries. Currently applied to the steel structure in high-rise buildings is gradually becoming the mainstream of the construction process.

Steel structure relative to the concrete structure, its shortage is bearing relatively poor, so the steel structure for wall materials requires more lightweight, obviously the traditional block is very difficult to meet this requirement, lightweight partition board and steel structure building has become a perfect partner.

Construction Site

Steel Structure Building wall - 1
Steel Structure Building wall - 2

Commercial Building Wall

Commercial buildings are used for commodity exchange and commodity circulation architecture. With the continuous development of commodity categories and exchange, at present the construction category of goods are various. Overall layout and design of commercial buildings should be according to the requirement of safety, fire prevention, clear functional division convenient to the masses. Commercial building wall has relatively high requirements for comfort, sound insulation and security. AJN lightweight wall panel with its good sound insulation, excellent characteristics of fireproof limit more than 4 hours, widely applied in many commercial building walls (residential, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, KTV, etc)

Construction Site

Commercial Building Wall - 1
Commercial Building Wall - 2

Industrial Building Wall

Industrial building serves as the place of workshop for intensive production, its construction must meet the equipment storage, storage of raw materials, product transportation and other basic production needs, and at the same time provide a comfortable working environment for staff, therefore, the planning and design of industrial building has many different characteristics of the civil building. Industrial workshops has special requirements in earthquake-proof, sound insulation, fireproof, etc.

AJN lightweight wall panel fully meets the demand of industrial factory building wall for earthquake-proof (high strength), fireproof (4 hours).

Construction Site

Industrial Building Wall - 1
Industrial Building Wall - 2

Public Building Wall

Generally, a public consumption building belongs to the public. Its characteristic is load strength, high-security level, large construction area, considering the situation of traffic evacuation for large flow crowd, such as railway stations, cinemas, etc.

As high personnel clustering for public buildings, put high requirements on the safety of the wall, the wall has to be fireproof, earthquake-proof, anti-impact resistance, heat preservation and heat insulation, and public buildings are mostly some landmark buildings, more requirements for wall materials should be green environmental protection, no toxic substances.

AJN lightweight wall panel compared with traditional block, better meet the needs of the public building of wall materials.

Construction Site

Public Building wall - 1
Public Building wall - 2

The Old Building Reconstruction Wall

Through the coexistence of new and old construction, past and present collisions make the space structure and dimensions conform to the requirements of modern commercial operation. The old buildings, no matter from appearance or design, are slowly losing value, old house renovation to make some changes, allowing people to find the joy of living.

Old building reconstruction as it has been used for a certain fixed number of year, the overall bearing force will be reduced, old building renovation of wall materials requires more light, at the same time cannot reduce the fireproof, sound insulation requirements,

AJN lightweight wall panel with its lightweight, superior performance, has become the best choice for old building reconstruction walls.

Construction Site

The Old Building Reconstruction Wall - 1
The Old Building Reconstruction Wall - 2